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Welcome to the new look of PreMiD pages including Custom Status. I have completely redesigned my website, please take a look at the rest too!

How does it work?

When you add our Presence from Presence Store from this page, you will be able to use this page. You just have to set your settings and PreMiD will show those settings on your profile just like in the preview here.

It's not showing anything!?

If the system isn't working or it isn't displaying anything on your profile, it's most likely about you. Please check Troubleshooting Documentation and see if those steps will fix your issue. If nothing works out, you can always find me on PreMiD's Discord server and get support there!

Can I donate?

If you want to support my work here, you can contact with me on Discord. My username is EGGSY#3388 and you can find me on PreMiD's Discord server. Thank you for your contributions!